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WorkTick - Ultimate HRM & Project Management

WorkTick - It is an HRM management system with Project Management that captures all the essential functionalities required for any enterprise and more. It's the solution you need to manage your enterprise, employees and projects - all in one app.

  • Very simple installation in 5 minutes
  • Easy System and Dynamic dashboard
  • 6 Months Support


WorkTick Offers Lots of Awesome Features out of the box, such as :

  • Easy System and Dynamic dashboard
  • Company , Departments , Designations
  • Attendance , Policy , Announcement
  • Users , Employee , Client
  • Projects , Tasks
  • Currency , Settings , Backup
  • Office Shift , Events , Holidays
  • Awards , Complaints , Travels
  • Accounting & Expense , Deposit
  • Leave Request & Trainings
  • Attendance & Employee reports
  • Expense & Deposit reports
  • Projects & Tasks reports
  • Uses Structured And Customizable Code
  • Dark Version Included
  • Multilingual 14 languages and More Will be added soon
  • RTL Support Adeed
  • Clean And Organized Code
  • Well Documented Code
  • Standard Folder Stucture
  • Easy System and Dynamic dashboard
  • 6 Months Support
  • And Many More Inside ...

Credits :)

Special Thanks To These Awesome Plugins That Helps Us to Build This Awesome System

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Version 1.0 – 01-03-2022
  • Initial Release


you will need to make sure your server meets the following requirements:

  • PHP >= 7.3.0
  • Mysql 5.x or higher
  • mod_rewrite Apache
  • BCMath PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • Fileinfo PHP Extension
  • GD2 PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • ZIP Extension (required for system updates)
Installation in Localhost
1) Installation With XAMPP

=> Install Xampp via Install Xampp

Step 1 : Extract the to C:/xampp/htdocs/

Step 2 : Go to C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\ open the "hosts" file in Administrator mode. Add the following code to it. Here worktick.local

Step 3 : Now go to, C:\xampp\apache\conf\extra for xampp users and for the wamp user "C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.4.4\conf\extra" and open "httpd-vhosts.conf" file. Now add the following code into it.

Notes :Change the Document root as per your project also add domain name as you define into the "hosts" file.

Step 4 : Last but the important step is to restart your Xampp

Setup Installation : Access the url http://worktick.local/setup

2) Installation With Laragon

Step 1 Install Laragon : Go to Laragon download page , download the latest version then just run the installer: Next, Next, Next... Laragon starts instantly and I recommend to set it up to run when Windows starts.

Step 2 : Extract the to C:/laragon/www/worktick

Step 3 : start your Laragon

Setup Installation : Access the url http://worktick.test/setup


If you are deploying your application to a server that is running Nginx, you may use the following configuration file as a starting point for configuring your web server.

Please ensure, like the configuration below, your web server directs all requests to your application's public/index.php file. You should never attempt to move the index.php file to your project's root, as serving the application from the project root will expose many sensitive configuration files to the public Internet:

read more :

Installation In Server

Step 1 : Login to cPanel and navigate to File Manager

Step 2 : Not develop to work in sub folder. create a subdomain or use it in main domain., then click "Upload"

Step 3 : Select your zip file and wait for upload to complete

Step 4 : Unzip the uploaded file

Step 6 : Go back to Cpanel and navigate to Databases

Creating a new database

Before installing, you will need to create a new database. If you already know how to do this or have already created one, skip to the next step.Please use empty database. In most cases you should be able to create a database from your cpanel.

Useful resources



Now you need to create a new user. On the same page go to create a new database user


Now add the user to the database


And select full permissions on the database to that user


Setup Installation : Access the url and complete the installation

    Step 1:
  • Check Server Requirements
    Step 2:
  • Name your application
  • Select Environnement : Local in localhost and production in Server
  • App Debug : it's better to choose false In server
    Step 3:
  • You can test connexion with database

Last Step:

Click in Confirmed and waiting for generate database

Notes : It is not recommended to close the browser or stop a process Installation

Once the installation has ran the empty file installed will be placed into the /storage directory. If this file is present the route /setup will abort to the 404 page.

Update Application

Please follow these steps, To Update your application

Note: If you have made any changes in the code manually then your changes will be lost.

  • Step 1 : Take back up of your database. Go to /settings/backup Click on Generate Backup , You will find it in /storage/app/public/backup and save it to your pc To restore it if there is an error , or Go to your PhpMyAdmin and export your database then and save it to your pc To restore it if there is an error
  • Step 2 : Take back up of your files before updating.
  • Step 3 : Download the latest version from your codecanyon and Extract it .
  • Step 4 : Replace all the files and folders except the following :
    • Folder : Modules (If you have any Module installed)
    • file : modules_statuses.json (If you have any Module installed)
    • file : .env
    • file : .htaccess
    • Folder : storage
    • Folder : images folder in public : /public/assets/images
  • Step 5 : Visit http://your_app/update_database to update your database
  • Step 6 : Hard Clear your cache browser
  • Step 7 : You are done! Enjoy the updated application

Note: If any pages are not loading or blank, make sure you cleared your browser cache.

How to backup your database

Method 1 : With system setting

Go to /app/settings/Backup and Click on Generate Backup

You will find backup in /storage/app/public/backup , and save it to your pc To restore it if there is an error

if you use xampp and you want to make a backup Please open your '.env' file and change




if you use Laragon and you want to make a backup Please open your '.env' file and change




if you want make a cron job for generate backup dynamically add this cron on your cpanel :
php artisan database:backup
If there is an error you can use method 2 bellow

Method 2 : Use PhpMyAdmin

step 1: log in to cpanel step 2: in the DATABASES section of the cpanel home screen , click PhpMyAdmin

The phpMyAdmin administration page appears in a new window

step 3 : In the left pane of the phpMyAdmin page , click the database that you want export

step 4 : Click the Export tab

step 5 : Under Export method , confirm that Quick is selected

step 6 : Click Go or execute .


login by default

  • Email :
  • Password : 123456

you can change password for security purpose


Dynamic dashboard

  • Total employees
  • Total Clients
  • Total Projects
  • Total Tasks
  • This Week Expense & Deposit
  • Projects by status
  • Latest employees
  • Tasks by status
  • Employee count by department
  • Expense vs Deposit

User Controller

You can manage all User

You can create or edit user


to create a new employee it's very easy

You can manage employee list

  • Edit employee
  • View Details employee
  • Delete employee
  • Csv ,Excel, pdf, Print Employee

Employee details

  • Basic Information
  • documents
  • Social media
  • Experiance
  • Bank accounts
  • Leave
  • Award
  • Complaint
  • Travel
  • Training
  • Project
  • Task


to create a new client it's very easy

You can manage Client list

  • Edit Client
  • Delete Client
  • Csv ,Excel, pdf, Print Client


to create a new company it's very easy

You can manage company list

  • Create Multi company
  • Edit company
  • Delete company
  • Csv ,Excel, pdf, Print company

1) Department

to create a Department it's very easy

You can manage Department list

  • Edit Department
  • Delete Department
  • Csv ,Excel, pdf, Print Department

2) Designation

You can Create & manage Department list

  • Create Designation
  • Edit Designation
  • Delete Designation
  • Csv ,Excel, pdf, Print Designation

3) Policy

You can Create & manage Policy list

  • Create Policy
  • Edit Policy
  • Delete Policy
  • Csv ,Excel, pdf, Print Policy

4) Announcement

You can Create & manage Announcement list

  • Create Announcement
  • Edit Announcement
  • Delete Announcement
  • Csv ,Excel, pdf, Print Announcement

HR Management

1) Office Shift

to create a new Office Shift it's very easy

You can manage Office Shift list

  • Edit Office Shift
  • Delete Office Shift
  • Csv ,Excel, pdf, Print Office Shift

2) Event

to create a new Event it's very easy

You can manage Event list

  • Edit Event
  • Delete Event
  • Csv ,Excel, pdf, Print Event

3) Holiday

to create a new Holiday it's very easy

You can manage Holiday list

  • Edit Holiday
  • Delete Holiday
  • Csv ,Excel, pdf, Print Holiday

4) Award

to create a new Award it's very easy

You can manage Award list

  • Edit Award
  • Delete Award
  • Csv ,Excel, pdf, Print Award

5) Complaint

to create a new Complaint it's very easy

You can manage Complaint list

  • Edit Complaint
  • Delete Complaint
  • Csv ,Excel, pdf, Print Complaint

6) Travel

to create a new Travel it's very easy

You can manage Travel list

  • Edit Travel
  • Delete Travel
  • Csv ,Excel, pdf, Print Travel


You can show all Daily Attendance

  • Csv ,Excel, pdf, Print Daily Attendance


1) Account

to create a new Account it's very easy

You can manage all Account

  • Edit Account
  • Delete Account
  • Csv ,Excel, pdf, Print Account

2) Deposit

to create a new Deposit it's very easy

You can manage all Deposit

  • Edit Deposit
  • Delete Deposit
  • Csv ,Excel, pdf, Print Deposit

3) Expense

to create a new expense it's very easy

You can manage all expense

  • Edit expense
  • Delete expense
  • Csv ,Excel, pdf, Print expense


to create a new Project it's very easy

You can manage Project list

  • Edit Project
  • details Project
  • Delete Project
  • Csv ,Excel, pdf, Print Project


to create a new Task it's very easy

You can manage Task list

  • Edit Task
  • details Task
  • Delete Task
  • Csv ,Excel, pdf, Print Task


to create a new Leave it's very easy

You can manage Leave list

  • Edit Leave
  • Delete Leave
  • Csv ,Excel, pdf, Print Leave


to create a new Training it's very easy

You can manage Training list

  • Edit Training
  • Delete Training
  • Csv ,Excel, pdf, Print Training


System Setting

You can edit your company settings & email settings & clear cache

Host : Host smtp mail server

Port : 25 or 587 or 465 or 2525)

username : your username smtp mail server

password : your password smtp mail server

Encryption : tls or ssl


More Than 110 Permissions
You can manage Currency list
  • Edit Currency
  • Delete Currency
  • Search Currency
Create new Currency

No Live Exchange Just Symbol

  • Code (required)
  • Name (required)
  • Symbol (required)


Click in Generate backup , You will find your backup on /storage/app/public/backup and save it to your pc


Attendance Report
Employee Report
Project Report
Task Report
Expense Report
Deposit Report

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